My hot picks for Emerald Green accents!

Trends come and go! One of my favorite trends this year is emerald green. A great way to incorporate this hot color is to introduce it using accents. This color is a jewel tone that can embrace the look of Hollywood glam! Think rich, high gloss walls, bold prints, sexy furniture lines and jewelry lighting fixtures and you’re ready to entertain! For a more subdued traditional  look, mix in less glamorous textures and prints such as leathers and plaids and embrace a great piece of painted furniture as well. Remember to add some greenery as well. Nature can not only add a touch of outdoors  but can naturally introduce different tones of this brilliant color and allows the space to breathe!Image


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Fun patterns I love!

Like the fashion world, the  interior design world is everchanging! We’re bombarded every day with new trends in fabrics, furniture, fresh new colors and accessories for our homes. Yet some design elements and patterns seem to linger alot longer and never look outdated. Below are some of todays fabric patterns that, for me, fit the bill!

Here Chevron patterns add great geometry to these  calming, light and airy spaces. It’s bold patterns bring movement, which is important in every space.

The cool colors of Chevron!

What I love about houndstooth below  is how great it transcends to fashion!  This pattern is such a classic fashion forward pattern that  it also looks great with stripes and damasks. What a great winter pattern as well!

Below, the pattern feels at home in both a transitional, tailored dining room that creates a focal wall and draws the eye in and a quirky, fun living room space, that ties the patterns together with  fun color and neutral backdrops. Notice how beautiful the floral pattern on the sofa compliments the houndstooth made modern.

Trellis or latticework  patterns remind me of old gardengate ironwork or screens. Their graphic nature allows them to fit into any transitional interior and can create great contrasting color. Take a look at famed architect, William Morris’ trellis pattern below in comparison to todays’ more graphic versions.

William Morris’ trellis pattern.

Latticework can also be seen in decorative accessories for a hint of  pattern and in furniture pieces to create interesting detail especially in wood. Can you see the beautiful Asian inspired piece below fitting into either of the two interior spaces? I do!

Fretwork is a more interlaced ornamental design pattern that’s more dense in pattern and  more intricate than most lattice designs. A beautiful  fabric example is shown below alongside lattice and damask. Beautiful patterns can also be found in exotic finds such as Chinese screens and even tile applications!

Foyer Forum

One of the most forgotten spaces in homes today seems to be the foyer. Perhaps it’s just a cramped tiny area where we throw our shoes and handbags or a spacious, tall, hall area that remains an afterthougth without much color.This area should, however, welcome us home or be  inviting to visiting friends and family. This area, like a small guest powder room, doesn’t have to break the bank since there isn’t much square footage or a roomful of  furnishings to purchase. Creating a  cozy or glamorous vignette is the key here. Showcased below are some beautifully planned foyers that tackle this tricky and sometimes forgotten area.

This foyer area is tall and dramatic with a gorgeous spiral staircase as the focal point. Faux painting the side wall enhances the shape of the area, adds texture and accents the domed ceiling which draws the eye upward  to the dramatic light fixture.

A bold accent wall greets guests in this dramatic foyer and eclectic furniture and asian accents work well together here.

This foyer boasts classic traditional charm. The circular table, floral arrangement and transitional light fixture creates a charming vignette and gives the space shape and form.

This foyer is typical of those found in cozy single family homes and leads right off the front door and into the living area. Creating an inviting area to leave keys, shoes and handbags  is not only convenient but creates a much needed additional organizational area within the home.

Another great way to create an accent wall is with beautiful wallpaper. This damask version adds interest and glamor, while the metal console, tall mirror and specifically choosen accessories, creates an unobstructive, spacious  feeling.

Tips on expanding a kitchen for open living

Thinking of opening up a dark confined kitchen to the rest of a dining or living area? Here are some helpful tips to consider.

1. First, establish a budget. A kitchen or bath remodel can hold unexpected surprises, so plan accordingly.

2.  Consult your contractor to find out if the wall you are considering to move is load-bearing or not. If it is, is there ductwork or plumbing located in that wall? This can be expensive to relocate, so consult your budget first on this one and your contractor. Another less expensive alternative would be to create an opening that will not disrupt these mechanical elements but still allow for an open area to be created, such as a pass through or arched wall opening.

3. Depending on the availability of space decide on whether to utilize an island, peninsula or dining room table configuration to allow for entertaining guests, doing homework with the kids or multitasking activities. If additional cabinetry isn’t in the budget a beautiful dining table and upholstered chairs can introduce fabric and warm up the space by introducing color.

4. Introducing an island allows for endless creative ideas! These include introducing alternative materials for countertops and cabinetry to create a much needed focal point, additional storage and/or apppliances, not to mention additional  task lighting, preferably pendant, to delineate the space as its own separate zone or work area. Be sure to consult with a kitchen or bath designer to assist with the  most functinal setup possible and to be sure all clearances are met. Follow the link below to locate the nearest NKBA professional.


Flat weaves Win!

Area rugs for many are used to create the general color scheme for any room. This spring  flat weaves are in! Forget plush piles, not only do flat weaves give a more casual feeling to any space but can add a touch of fun and whimsy to the most traditionally furnished room. The new flat weaves are popping up in beautiful exotic Indian patterns, ikat, which is here to stay and fun geometric colors and prints.Some of them resemble handpainted works of art. Take a look at the fun examples below, available through Decorating Den Interiors.














My daily subway ride thoughts…..

Today as I was walking up from the 6 train on my way to my amazing hairdresser, an outfit ahead of me drifted my thoughts to the corelation of fashion and interior design yet again….So what makes most  interior designers such great fashionistas or at least always well color coordinated? The same reason that color coordination transends to so many different aspects of our lives. I like to think of my daily outfits as well coordinated room designs! Let’s take a look at some  interior design schemes that we can use for our daily wardrobe schemes!

The monochromatic color scheme.

When tackling this wardrobe scheme keep in mind to not only use different tones of the same color but to make sure you mix textures as well!

The Complimentary color scheme.

Use this color scheme to add vibrant color to any outfit!  This  was a  popular trend this summer, known as color blocking.  Mix colors opposite the color wheel such as  purple with yellow or orange to brighten any dull fall day! Use gold accents and keep accessories to a minimum.

The Analagous color scheme.

This scheme is very similar to the complimentary color scheme but would introduce colors with the same saturation, such as blue and blue violet or red and red orange. Have fun with color and keep in mind that without light color disappears!

My Favorite fall colors!

So fall is finally upon us! My favorite season of the year.  It’s a  season brimming with  renewal,comforting aromas,long strolls in the park and great fall clothing! This fall I can link  my favorite colors to fall foliage. Soon all the green vibrant leaves start to change and before long the trees are covered in vibrant golden tones. This fall I am loving any saturated, warm greens. Emerald green, forest green and anything in between! Pair this with black and grey accents, neutral accessories and animal prints to add some GLAMOR!

                                                                                                                                                                                            My nile green design scheme board. Continue reading

Great new space saving seating options!

The holidays are around the corner and these fun space saving seating options can make up for that much needed seating when guests arrive. They also add great color and texture in a myriad of different styles. Place them under a console or add to your current  seating arrangement in the living room.   

Explore fun space saving seating options!

Le Posh Spa in West Hollywood, California showcases one of these fun floral poufs from one of my vendors in their main lounge for extra seating.