My daily subway ride thoughts…..

Today as I was walking up from the 6 train on my way to my amazing hairdresser, an outfit ahead of me drifted my thoughts to the corelation of fashion and interior design yet again….So what makes most  interior designers such great fashionistas or at least always well color coordinated? The same reason that color coordination transends to so many different aspects of our lives. I like to think of my daily outfits as well coordinated room designs! Let’s take a look at some  interior design schemes that we can use for our daily wardrobe schemes!

The monochromatic color scheme.

When tackling this wardrobe scheme keep in mind to not only use different tones of the same color but to make sure you mix textures as well!

The Complimentary color scheme.

Use this color scheme to add vibrant color to any outfit!  This  was a  popular trend this summer, known as color blocking.  Mix colors opposite the color wheel such as  purple with yellow or orange to brighten any dull fall day! Use gold accents and keep accessories to a minimum.

The Analagous color scheme.

This scheme is very similar to the complimentary color scheme but would introduce colors with the same saturation, such as blue and blue violet or red and red orange. Have fun with color and keep in mind that without light color disappears!


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