Foyer Forum

One of the most forgotten spaces in homes today seems to be the foyer. Perhaps it’s just a cramped tiny area where we throw our shoes and handbags or a spacious, tall, hall area that remains an afterthougth without much color.This area should, however, welcome us home or be  inviting to visiting friends and family. This area, like a small guest powder room, doesn’t have to break the bank since there isn’t much square footage or a roomful of  furnishings to purchase. Creating a  cozy or glamorous vignette is the key here. Showcased below are some beautifully planned foyers that tackle this tricky and sometimes forgotten area.

This foyer area is tall and dramatic with a gorgeous spiral staircase as the focal point. Faux painting the side wall enhances the shape of the area, adds texture and accents the domed ceiling which draws the eye upward  to the dramatic light fixture.

A bold accent wall greets guests in this dramatic foyer and eclectic furniture and asian accents work well together here.

This foyer boasts classic traditional charm. The circular table, floral arrangement and transitional light fixture creates a charming vignette and gives the space shape and form.

This foyer is typical of those found in cozy single family homes and leads right off the front door and into the living area. Creating an inviting area to leave keys, shoes and handbags  is not only convenient but creates a much needed additional organizational area within the home.

Another great way to create an accent wall is with beautiful wallpaper. This damask version adds interest and glamor, while the metal console, tall mirror and specifically choosen accessories, creates an unobstructive, spacious  feeling.


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