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Fun patterns I love!

Like the fashion world, the  interior design world is everchanging! We’re bombarded every day with new trends in fabrics, furniture, fresh new colors and accessories for our homes. Yet some design elements and patterns seem to linger alot longer and never look outdated. Below are some of todays fabric patterns that, for me, fit the bill!

Here Chevron patterns add great geometry to these  calming, light and airy spaces. It’s bold patterns bring movement, which is important in every space.

The cool colors of Chevron!

What I love about houndstooth below  is how great it transcends to fashion!  This pattern is such a classic fashion forward pattern that  it also looks great with stripes and damasks. What a great winter pattern as well!

Below, the pattern feels at home in both a transitional, tailored dining room that creates a focal wall and draws the eye in and a quirky, fun living room space, that ties the patterns together with  fun color and neutral backdrops. Notice how beautiful the floral pattern on the sofa compliments the houndstooth made modern.

Trellis or latticework  patterns remind me of old gardengate ironwork or screens. Their graphic nature allows them to fit into any transitional interior and can create great contrasting color. Take a look at famed architect, William Morris’ trellis pattern below in comparison to todays’ more graphic versions.

William Morris’ trellis pattern.

Latticework can also be seen in decorative accessories for a hint of  pattern and in furniture pieces to create interesting detail especially in wood. Can you see the beautiful Asian inspired piece below fitting into either of the two interior spaces? I do!

Fretwork is a more interlaced ornamental design pattern that’s more dense in pattern and  more intricate than most lattice designs. A beautiful  fabric example is shown below alongside lattice and damask. Beautiful patterns can also be found in exotic finds such as Chinese screens and even tile applications!