A Must read! Easy Fall Updates.

Fall is finally upon us! With the change of seasons not only do we scout out our warm clothing buried in our closets or storage areas but we also feel the need for subtle change in our homes as well. What are some easy ways to revamp our living spaces? Some quick  tips I would like to share. Focus on an accent wall. Painting out an entire room can be somewhat tedious and daunting but applying a different color to just one wall will not only bring new life  and warmth to the room   but will give you a chance to introduce a totally different accent color into the space. Another great easy way to bring about subtle change is to swap out lamp shades!  Lamps are not married to their lampshades. It’s just as easy to change these as it is to swap out throw pillows. Contact your local interior designer to provide you with  stylish options and to guide you with picking the correct size and shape to fit your lamp base. Have fun with textures and prints with toss pillows, throws and bedding. These are all fun ways to add more of that brand new accent color you’ve just painted. Rugs are another fun easy way to add  new color and interest to your new space. Keep in mind that a rug takes up alot of visual space so be careful to coordinate well with the scale of  other patterns in the room.Lastly, add new accessories such as vases which can introduce fall foliage,willows are my favorite! Our dining and coffee tables will benefit from a brand new fun seasonal center piece. Think tall to create drama. Don’t forget  to add colorful candles and  interesting candle holders for intimate mood lighting. I believe in having a great collection of favorite art pieces that we can rotate occasionally and enjoy at different times of the year. Have fun with new placements and layouts. The sky is the limit! Mirrors are my favorite must have change. These are both decorative and functional. Used in the foyer, our guests will certainly notice on entering. The foyer is also a great place to create a wow factor with accessory groupings or interesting lighting. If some or any of these quick tips seem a bit daunting, like not knowing what color to paint that accent wall, contact me or your local Decorating Den Interiors designer to assist with this fun new fall season update! We love styling!


Decorating with fun, new fabrics….

With a couple more months of beautiful weather, the transition from summer to fall doesn’t have to be a boring one! Fun, new fabrics have emerged that can take us right into the fall season. Fashion continues to set the trend for all the great new fabrics in the interior design industry. One of these wonderful fabrics is the ikat.Known as one of the oldest forms of textile decoration, the word “ikat” comes from the Indonesian language to mean knot or cord.Similar to tie dye, this dyeing technique uses a resist dyeing technique to create beautiful design motifs that connotes travel and worldliness. These beautiful fabrics have emeged in every color imaginable from vibrant hues such as pink and orange to a more neutral color such as brown. Though trending now, ikat seems to have strong staying power that can fit into almost any style interior. For a rich traditional interior space, take the more saturated colors from the fabric, up onto the walls and utilize darker traditional pieces for a classic, lived in cozy space. For a modern take, the pastel pinks and blues pair nicely with sleek modern lines, light colored leathers and linen neutral fabrics. Another bold trend this season are geometrics. From diamond shaped patterns to geometric florals these fun patterns are being revisited in new fun colors and textures.Fabric designers are more and more borrowing from the fashion world for inspiration, blurring the lines to define lifestyle trends.I have posted below some of the new fabrics my design studio has just received for upholstery and window treatments, some of which are already being created into beautiful furniture pieces for my clients!

Beginning with window treatments…..

Many of us are sometimes lost when it comes to designing or even choosing window treatments for our homes. This is sometimes the last thing on our minds when moving from one home or apartment to another. Designing for our windows is a big part of the great picture in coordinating all the beautiful patterns and colors within the space.When my clients are at a loss as to what style and colors to use there are several things I take into consideration.Firstly what is the preferred style for the space? Is it traditional,contemporary,country etc. Does the client want a formal or casual look? This usually dictates the style of the window treatments as well.Then what are the functional needs  of the window treatments? Is there a need for light control,privacy or sound absorption? Then the exploration begins since there are so many variations to be had when it comes to window treatment design. I create several different options for my client to view and utilize a design program that designs right over an actual picture of the clients windows. Any surrounding furnishings within the picture gives the client a better idea of exactly how the window treatments will coordinate with their own furnishings. When the style is approved we then go into exploring fabrics and colors that will compliment the furnishings and also compliment the  actual style of the treatment. This is very important since you have to take into consideration where patterns will fall and how fabric weights and textures will drape. Well designed window treatments are crucial to creating a complete look and design for every space. They bring added function and beauty and is sometimes the last piece in the puzzle to creating a cohesive look within a space.

Architectural Digest’s Design Home Show Highlights

I took some time two weekends ago to attend one of my favorite NYC home shows, the Architectural Digest Home Show.  If you are familiar with the magazine itself you will know that it’s an international design magazine that focuses alot on celebrity homes and famous houses around the world. I actually participated as a vendor for a short time thanks to my membership with the NKBA. I think it is vitally important for all interior designers and decorators to attend home shows such as this in order to stay current with the trends, new products and technological advancements. I’d like to first mention what stuck out the most for me on color. Yes, Pantone’s color of the year is honeysuckle, but I saw alot of three different  areas. Firstly, there were alot of bejeweled fabrics. Saturated and rich, almost Morroccan like greens and pinks and purples and lime.Then there was also white in all its glory. Crisp and clean in its display. All white interiors imply a high fashion interior. Another popular color theme which we have seen even in fashion design is the classic navy. Navy blue in a  stripe seems to bring the nostalgia of classicism back.Looking at furniture we see alot of wood, which is essentially what furniture is made from. However there are so many technological advances made with wood that I would address this in an upcoming article. Bentwood, burlewood,exotic woods, lacquered wood and pierced wood were some of the more popular trends.

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Wallpaper makes a comeback!

How many of us remember the wallpaper of say…the 50’s? Some of us would cringe of just the thought of hanging some 20 years ago. However, wallpaper has made a stylish comeback! Not only is it alot more durable and stylish but it isn’t considered a permanent treatment any longer. Wallpaper is now a great, easy way to add texture or color to a boring wall and a great substitute for paint! While paint application involves fume inhalation( despite some eco-friendly versions)  self adhesive wallpaper makes life a whole lot easier to put up and incredibly easier to tear down!New technology allows us to explore with wonderful textures like bamboo, jute and seagrass or bold graphic, hip prints that make wallpaper such an excellent choice for any room in our homes. Mimic marble, rice paper or stucco and add some stylish textures to your walls today! Below are just some of the beautiful patterns and designs that Decorating Den Interiors carry! Ask me today! Installation is also provided.

Fresh New Look…….Featured in Traditional Home


In the February 2011 issue of Traditional Home (AD SEEN ABOVE) this gorgeous transitional sofa was featured by our company, DECORATING DEN INTERIORS. Featuring  silk textured pillows and exotic prints the lines of this sofa are feminine and elegant. With its tight back and waterfall skirt this sofa screams “look at me!  I’m chic!”

OPTIONS: Pewter nails, contrasting fabric/trim on pillows and bullion.

Maximizing small spaces…..

Faced with the daunting task of furnishing a small apartment? Below are some great furniture pieces to help make your space feel larger than it really is.

Decorating trick/tip: Use  less bulky pieces that are multifunctional such as a sleeper sofa but incorporate large pieces of artwork that bring a grand scale to the room and create a vertical line.

Need to introduce vertical lines within a small space ? This Windsor style sofa is your best friend! Add some great artwork above and continue the strong lines upward.

This masculine addition conjures up dinner with Mr. Right! Add a bit of glamor, some mood lighting and a  glass of wine and VOILA! It’s movie night, every night!

This space saving sofa introduces affordable elegance to any living space with its dark wood trim and neutral color.Pair with anything lacquered for a continued transitional look or dress the space down with a sisal rug and exotic accents.


BANQUETTE seating without built-ins!

This tufted style, chocolate brown leather banquette, offers a parlor like, diner style look and a versatility to move anywhere in the room with furniture style castors.

This banquette can either offer a traditional or transitional look depending on the fabrics and trim accents used. Pair with a  gorgeous circular pedastal table and a wrought iron chandelier to create casual elegance.

With the kitchen being the new heart of the home, entertaining friends and family at home has become alot more popular today. Having large groups of people over can be challenging especially when seating is limited. A great way to seat a group of people together in small spaces is with freestanding stylish banquette style seating shown above. This option offers alot more versatility and customization than traditional style built-in seating and creates a great intimate  conversation area/nook. Pay special attention to the height and the shape of the table you choose. Choose your own fabrics, accent trims and even pillows and you’ve designed a great custom piece of furniture that coordinates with the rest of your kitchen, dining area  or sitting room. The possibilities are endless!

Both pieces shown above can be purchased  with a variety of upholstery options for custom orders OR get design advice from me to build your own with one of my preferred suppliers!

Pantone Color of the year…

From Turquoise to HONEYSUCKLE it is!

PANTONE, the global authority on color and provider of color standards for the design industry, announces the fresh new color of the year!

Use this fun stimulating color as accents around a room in the form of pillows ,vases or even flowers! Bring life to a boring dining room and use as an unexpected accent wall color with coordinating place mats  and table linens. Imagine a precious honeysuckle colored crystal chandelier adding  great color to a chic black and white grown up bedroom scheme or use  even in a transitional  teenage bedroom. This fun vibrant color is also apparent in the fashion world as well!



Pair with neutrals and crisp white and you’ve brought sexy back!

“Catch the Spring Fever yet?……..”

I’m sure by now we’re all tired of looking at the mounds of snow outside our homes and apartments, especially in New York City! Invite spring into our bedrooms with crisp, linens and muted stripes such as these. Add some decorative, damask patterned throw pillows and sink into style! Contact me anytime to purchase from my preferred suppliers!

Soothing colors and wonderful texture

This modern exotic style bed is given a crisp, spring look with neutral linen textured bedding.


This cheerful bedding set features a  green leaf motif and springlike colors of greens, pinks, fuchsia and white. With coordinating curtain panels, shown below, a cheerful appealing space can be easily thrown together!