About Me

My first love:The passion and love for what I do inspires me! Interior design is not just a form of expression for me but allows me to contribute to the quality of life of others.

Why I created this blog:I have created this blog site to share with current and prospective clients as well as design lovers, who enjoy what the design world and myself have to offer!

My personal style: I have found this has evolved over the years. My personal style brings 2 worlds together, mixing exotic accent pieces with classic lines.

Other work related activities:I enjoy giving back to my community as well, by offering free design seminars and workshops to interested groups and organizations.

Non work related activities: Jewelry making and photography

What takes me on the hunt: The mere fact that the fashion world and the interior design world lends inspiration to each other!

Clientele: Residential and light commercial design

What I’d love to do more of: Hospitality design

Favorite designer: Candice Olsen

Future educational endeavor: Architecture! Learning never stops!

Products I provide: Furniture, bedding, window treatments, floor and wall coverings, lighting, artwork and accessories – The first 4 can all be CUSTOMIZED!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Love your style. Saw your foyer shot and would like to know where I can purchase table and mirror for my client. The shot with the red accent wall.
    Thank you. I’m a fan.
    Kim MacMillan
    Perpetual Design

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