Decorating with fun, new fabrics….

With a couple more months of beautiful weather, the transition from summer to fall doesn’t have to be a boring one! Fun, new fabrics have emerged that can take us right into the fall season. Fashion continues to set the trend for all the great new fabrics in the interior design industry. One of these wonderful fabrics is the ikat.Known as one of the oldest forms of textile decoration, the word “ikat” comes from the Indonesian language to mean knot or cord.Similar to tie dye, this dyeing technique uses a resist dyeing technique to create beautiful design motifs that connotes travel and worldliness. These beautiful fabrics have emeged in every color imaginable from vibrant hues such as pink and orange to a more neutral color such as brown. Though trending now, ikat seems to have strong staying power that can fit into almost any style interior. For a rich traditional interior space, take the more saturated colors from the fabric, up onto the walls and utilize darker traditional pieces for a classic, lived in cozy space. For a modern take, the pastel pinks and blues pair nicely with sleek modern lines, light colored leathers and linen neutral fabrics. Another bold trend this season are geometrics. From diamond shaped patterns to geometric florals these fun patterns are being revisited in new fun colors and textures.Fabric designers are more and more borrowing from the fashion world for inspiration, blurring the lines to define lifestyle trends.I have posted below some of the new fabrics my design studio has just received for upholstery and window treatments, some of which are already being created into beautiful furniture pieces for my clients!


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