Beginning with window treatments…..

Many of us are sometimes lost when it comes to designing or even choosing window treatments for our homes. This is sometimes the last thing on our minds when moving from one home or apartment to another. Designing for our windows is a big part of the great picture in coordinating all the beautiful patterns and colors within the space.When my clients are at a loss as to what style and colors to use there are several things I take into consideration.Firstly what is the preferred style for the space? Is it traditional,contemporary,country etc. Does the client want a formal or casual look? This usually dictates the style of the window treatments as well.Then what are the functional needs  of the window treatments? Is there a need for light control,privacy or sound absorption? Then the exploration begins since there are so many variations to be had when it comes to window treatment design. I create several different options for my client to view and utilize a design program that designs right over an actual picture of the clients windows. Any surrounding furnishings within the picture gives the client a better idea of exactly how the window treatments will coordinate with their own furnishings. When the style is approved we then go into exploring fabrics and colors that will compliment the furnishings and also compliment the  actual style of the treatment. This is very important since you have to take into consideration where patterns will fall and how fabric weights and textures will drape. Well designed window treatments are crucial to creating a complete look and design for every space. They bring added function and beauty and is sometimes the last piece in the puzzle to creating a cohesive look within a space.


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