Architectural Digest’s Design Home Show Highlights

I took some time two weekends ago to attend one of my favorite NYC home shows, the Architectural Digest Home Show.  If you are familiar with the magazine itself you will know that it’s an international design magazine that focuses alot on celebrity homes and famous houses around the world. I actually participated as a vendor for a short time thanks to my membership with the NKBA. I think it is vitally important for all interior designers and decorators to attend home shows such as this in order to stay current with the trends, new products and technological advancements. I’d like to first mention what stuck out the most for me on color. Yes, Pantone’s color of the year is honeysuckle, but I saw alot of three different  areas. Firstly, there were alot of bejeweled fabrics. Saturated and rich, almost Morroccan like greens and pinks and purples and lime.Then there was also white in all its glory. Crisp and clean in its display. All white interiors imply a high fashion interior. Another popular color theme which we have seen even in fashion design is the classic navy. Navy blue in a  stripe seems to bring the nostalgia of classicism back.Looking at furniture we see alot of wood, which is essentially what furniture is made from. However there are so many technological advances made with wood that I would address this in an upcoming article. Bentwood, burlewood,exotic woods, lacquered wood and pierced wood were some of the more popular trends.

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