Wallpaper makes a comeback!

How many of us remember the wallpaper of say…the 50’s? Some of us would cringe of just the thought of hanging some 20 years ago. However, wallpaper has made a stylish comeback! Not only is it alot more durable and stylish but it isn’t considered a permanent treatment any longer. Wallpaper is now a great, easy way to add texture or color to a boring wall and a great substitute for paint! While paint application involves fume inhalation( despite some eco-friendly versions)  self adhesive wallpaper makes life a whole lot easier to put up and incredibly easier to tear down!New technology allows us to explore with wonderful textures like bamboo, jute and seagrass or bold graphic, hip prints that make wallpaper such an excellent choice for any room in our homes. Mimic marble, rice paper or stucco and add some stylish textures to your walls today! Below are just some of the beautiful patterns and designs that Decorating Den Interiors carry! Ask me today! Installation is also provided.


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