Maximizing small spaces…..

Faced with the daunting task of furnishing a small apartment? Below are some great furniture pieces to help make your space feel larger than it really is.

Decorating trick/tip: Use  less bulky pieces that are multifunctional such as a sleeper sofa but incorporate large pieces of artwork that bring a grand scale to the room and create a vertical line.

Need to introduce vertical lines within a small space ? This Windsor style sofa is your best friend! Add some great artwork above and continue the strong lines upward.

This masculine addition conjures up dinner with Mr. Right! Add a bit of glamor, some mood lighting and a  glass of wine and VOILA! It’s movie night, every night!

This space saving sofa introduces affordable elegance to any living space with its dark wood trim and neutral color.Pair with anything lacquered for a continued transitional look or dress the space down with a sisal rug and exotic accents.



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